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Philippine Gift Items

Perfect gift items like surfboards, phone cradles, brooches, key chains, wooden animals, jewelry boxes, miniatures, hand wood carving, wood handicraft, wood carving decoration, ethnic product decoration and more. All natural sea shell, wood components, shell components, shells products and raw shell. Tile decoration like shell tiles also offered and wall tile panel made of mother of pearl shells.

Philippine Novelty

Handwoven or handmade native baskets, bags, wood products, shell jewelry, sea shell products, natural jewelry shell supply and jewellery shell boxes. Classic Collection of Philippine jewelry, natural jewelries and fashion jewelry puka shells components, heishie shell, colorful wood beads, troka, shell pendants, specimen shells, raw shell, coco indian sticks, raw material components, capiz shells, shell products, coco jewelry, fashion shell jewelry components.

Philippines Natural Fashion Jewelry and Accessory

We are one of the cheapest wholesale, manufacturer of fashion jewelries and fashion accessories that are made of natural product such as seashell or shell. Seashells or shells are very abundant in the Philippines because the country is surrounded by natural resources. Other popular natural components and materials are coco, wood, raffia, abaca, stone, limestone, bamboo, leaves, seeds and many more. These natural jewelry materials and components are combined together to make beautiful and elegant fashion body jewelry and accessories such as Philippine necklace, bracelet, anklet, pendant, choker, earrings, ring, hairclip and even home decoration and more. All this originaly hand crafted or handmade to make it more eligant and unique.

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  • Shell Tiles

  • Capiz Panels

  • Capiz Loose Chips / Strands

  • Capiz Curtain

  • Capiz Chandelier

  • Table and Floor Lamp Shade

Jumbo Pacific Inc. produces shell tile for construction and decoration purposes. Hottest item nowadays specially in both residential and commercial industries. The tiles are made of precious shells like Paua, Blacklip, Brownlip, Whitelip, Yellowlip, Abalon Pink, Black Agate, Troca, MOP or Mother of Pearls, Capiz, Abalon, Blackpen, Abalon Yellow, Abalon Green, Chamber, Paua, Violet Oyster, and more Philippine seashells . Suitable for outdoors and indoors like floors, walls, kitchens and bathrooms and can be colour formulated to suit any design. Our Shell Tiles have been installed mostly in residentials and 5 star hotels in many different countries.

Manufacturer of hotel or industry wall decoration capiz shell tile panel in natural wall coverings. Our capiz shell tiles and panels are made for homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, condominiums and building decorations and walling. We can make any design, style, color, shape, size and any shell. We can deliver these products fast and reliable with a Class AAA quality and High Precision Cutting. We can make these shell tiles and panels with your own grade coating or raw.

All natural materials are comes from CAPIZ SEA SHELL that perfectly cut in the form of chips. It may also comes from a variety of designs and shapes depending on customers choice and preference like round, square, rectangle, flower, and diamond. It has diameter of 90mm, 75mm, 70mm, 60mm, 50mm, 50mm, 40mm, 35mm, 30mm, 25mm, 16mm, 10mm, and can be available in any different shapes ans sizes.

All are made of Natural capiz shells and design to your perfect doors and windows. This melodious piece makes a perfect accent for the summer breeze or use it as a decors in your favorite room. Makes a perfect gift for all occasions. It can be available in different colors and designs as preferred and needed by the customer. Capiz Shell Curtain in all white capiz shell perfect for your home. We make also any COLOR Capiz Shell Curtains to fit your home, building, office and bathroom for more relaxing and comfortable.

The chandelier is made of capiz shell strings and strands. One of the most beautifully-designed lamps these days. Any shapes-cut capiz shells in their natural color or colored are knotted together to create these lengthy capiz chandelier wind chimes. The strings that are attached to to make a beautiful chandelier lamp is called capiz shell strings. It's height is perfect for front doors, long and narrow windows or for adding more depths in any room. The lamp's dimmer allows you to set the light's brilliance according to your mood. This product are available in any size, as well as any number of strands and capiz chips. It's chips can be cut according to your preferred size and shape and are availble in different colors and designs.

Capiz shell table and floor lamp shades is one of our popular and unique product for todays' interior decoration, designed perfectly for your home sala, office, condos, bed room lights, indoor or outdoor, home decoration, beach resorts, restaurants, hotels, and many more that suite of styling of your character.


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